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Lion People Global are highly networked in all areas of the Language industry, Big Data and AI, Digital and Software Development industries.  We offer a highly ethical recruitment Direct Hire service that focuses on finding the choice and quality of candidates who will resonate with you and your business aims, values and culture.

Our Approach is highly consultative, we listen and fully understand how the role in question must fit in with your company persona. We ensure a “deep dive” into values, cultures and strategic goals of your organisation, in addition to paying careful attention to the goals and values of our candidates. Resulting in a long-term successful match for our clients and our highly valued large candidate network.

With local, national and global presence, our researchers, sourcers, recruiters and client relationship managers make use of the best industry technology and 15 years of networking in our industries, to search, filter, test, verify and select the best candidates for our open roles. 

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