For the very first time, we are offering full access to our M&A Masterclass series

M&A Masterclass Series

Looking to buy or sell?

Lion People Global provides a range of M&A Advisory services to help Founders and CEOs with growth, facilitating millions of dollars in M&A activity since 2017.

Whether you’re buying or selling, we have a team of professionals to help you close the deal.

We’re not accountants, lawyers or certified valuators – but we have hands-on executive experience from the field and a unique insight into the psychology of navigating the M&A process, keeping things on an even keel and reaching a win-win agreement.

Building on these years of experience, we launched our M&A Masterclass series in 2021.

This ten-part series features interviews with industry experts across a variety of disciplines.

From episode to episode, Lion People CEO Annette Lawlor and M&A Expert & Partner Olga Blasco take a deep dive into both buyer and seller-side tactics and strategies.

Each episode follows a Lecture-Discussion format, supported by polls, surveys and questions from the audience.

Now for the very first time, we are offering full access to our M&A Masterclass series, covering all ten hour-long episodes below.

  • Session 1: Who should be in my M&A Cockpit?
  • Session 2: Should I buy or sell?
  • Session 3: How do I know if I am ready to sell?
  • Session 4: How do buyers buy? (Valuations)
  • Session 5: Culture at the heart of success post-merger
  • Session 6: Building and buying for profit and sustainability
  • Session 7: Seller incubation
  • Session 8: Capitalize on your assets
  • Session 9: Why leading brands acquire LSPs to accelerate international growth
  • Session 10: The Power of Two: Why it makes sense to merge

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