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Top LPG M&A Intro Deals of 2021/2022

Below you will find the list of top deals of 2021/2022, where Lion People Global facilitated Buyer/Seller Introductions. We are proud to be part of the Intelligent Match and help make these important deals happen!

Welocalize Buys NLG

Next Level Globalization (NLG): An LSP in Germany with a focus in Life Sciences and Industrial Manufacturing sectors, NLG delivers solutions in the life sciences sector.

Welocalize: This represented an acquisition in Life Sciences vertical. Clients benefit from Welocalize’s geo location in Asia, while WL will gain access to NLG’s operational hub in Greece. “We’re coming together because of the benefits of our combined talents, technologies, and cultures, and with this partnership, we will be able to offer our customers even more.” – Welocalize

Argos Multilingual Buys Chillistore

Chillistore: A Dublin-based linguistic quality assurance (LQA) provider.

Argos Multilingual: The acquisition deepens Argos’ existing LQA service. The focus is on enterprise clients and investing in new services. “Chillistore is a very strategic acquisition for Argos. We see the need in the market for a holistic approach to quality, and their business goes well beyond standard quality services. The fit with Argos was obvious from the first conversation…” – Véronique Özkaya, CEO

BIG Buys LawLinguists

LawLinguists: Law-centric LSP in Italy/ Germany/ Spain. Specializing in translation and interpretation for the legal industry supporting 18 out of 20 largest law firms in Europe.

BIG Language Solutions: Expanded its presence in Europe and continues its regulated-industry focus. BIG is disrupting the highly fragmented language industry by assembling a portfolio of high-performing and complementary LSPs. “LawLinguists delivers an unparalleled range of lawyer-centric services that complement our IP & Legal group offerings. Translation exclusively by lawyers for lawyers is a unique and innovative offering.” – Jeff Brink, Founder, and CEO

Locaria Buys PEP Group

PEP Group: Omnichannel content creation and adaptation production company, headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Locaria: Stagwell’s multilingual content agency, building linguistic solutions to scale content and campaigns internationally.“Locaria has been sending a message to marketers for years that multilingual content and localization can no longer be an afterthought. By acquiring PEP Group, we’re doubling down at Stagwell on scaled content offerings that empower global brands to connect meaningfully with consumers, anywhere.” – Mark Penn, Stagwell Chairman and CEO

Trustpoint.One Buys Commit Global

Commit Global: A language service provider (Greece, Cyprus, and the US).

Trustpoint.One: Delivers innovative business and legal solutions to leading law firms, corporations and government agencies worldwide. [The acquisition] “facilitates the company’s ability to diversity and merge complementary strengths.” Peter Smith, President

English Business Joins The Language Group

English Business: Founded in Hamburg in 1996, English Business is one of Germany’s leading providers of translation, communication training, and cultural consulting services.

The Language Group: US-based language services company providing enterprise end clients in finance, healthcare, human resources, government, legal and manufacturing translation and interpreting services. “While the strategy to enter the European market has existed for some time, it wasn’t until we were fortunate enough to connect with this company that we realized we had found a great partner to attempt this endeavour.” – Giovanni Donatelli, Managing Partner

Expansion of LPG Growth Solutions services:

  • Intelligent Match: LPG has gone tech with our matches!  Thanks to our developer Repath, we are now utilizing our matching database.  
  • Seller Incubation: It’s never too early to prepare!  If you are a company owner, it’s not too soon to cast a critical eye on your financials and have an expert provide guidance on how to go to market. 
  • Post-Acquisition Consultancy: Selling your business is only the beginning. Transitioning your team (whether you are a Buyer or Seller) is pivotal to the success of the sale or purchase.
  • Machine Translation Consultancy: Need a technical consultant to implement or sanity check your MT processes and approach?  LPG can facilitate connecting with the right expert!

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