How translators can increase cooperation with LSPs

How translators can increase cooperation with LSPs

Localisation Summer School

Lion People Global was delighted to speak to a group of aspiring localisation professionals at the 13th Localisation Research Centre (LRC) Localisation Summer School in University of Limerick on Wednesday, May 20 2015.

This three-day event featured a hands-on workshop focusing on solving common localisation issues, a seminar on quality in localization and a talk from L10n People on the various career paths that are available to localization graduates and how social media can be used to find work.

My colleague Justyna, a former vendor manager with a multinational LSP, explained the relationship between translators and LSP, and how translators can better cooperate with clients and LSPs.

After watching this video you will understand:

  • Who your point of contact will be in an LSP
  • The relationship between a translator and a vendor manager
  • The importance of your first project with an LSP
  • Barriers to better cooperation from a translator’s perspective
  • Barriers to better cooperation from a client’s perspective
  • Typical mistakes translators make and how to avoid them
  • How to increase cooperation and get more assignments
  • The future for translators

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